Q: How far in advanced should we book?

I accept portrait bookings anytime and typically accept wedding
bookings in the same calendar year.


Q: Where are you based?



Q: Do you travel?

Yes, love to travel. 


Q: Do you shoot in RAW?

Of course. However, I do not share those files with my clients.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

Nikon camera and lenses for capturing the magic, and Lightroom
and Photoshop for editing the magic


Q: How much do I need to deposit?

50% of the total cost


Q: How did you end up in photography? 

I took a black & white film class in high school, and loved it. The dark room
was magical. Then I went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in design at the
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  So you can say art, design, and
photography have always been a part of my life. 


Q: I'm pregnant, when should I do my maternity shoots? 

Seven to eight months is a perfect window.


Q: When do you recommend I schedule a newborn shoot? 

Within a month of the baby being born is typically best. Typically, two to
four weeks after your due date.

Q: Will you travel to my home for my newborn shoot? 

Absolutely! Sit back and relax with your new babe. I'll take care of the rest.


Q: When will I get to see my photos?

For portrait photography 4-6 weeks, if not otherwise discussed.
For wedding photography 3-4 months, if not otherwise discussed.
I know this may seem like a long time. However, it is important to me
that I deliver you the best final product possible. Your patience is
much appreciated!


Q: Do you offer albums?

I do! They are available la carte and I also off an album in
one of my wedding packages


Q: Will you post the photographs online?

Yes, you will receive an email when your gallery is ready. You will be
able to share, download, and order prints right from the gallery.


Q: What should I wear for portrait sessions?

Great question! Mix it up a bit - plaids and solids, stripes and solids,
plaids and stripes and solids. Pinterest has some great ideas. Whatever you do,
please don't all wear the same thing. It takes away from the
photojournalistic style.  


Q: So you're a designer too? 

Yup yup, I split my time almost evenly between design and photography. 
Check out my link here.


Q: What's your beverage of choice?

So sweet of you to ask - soy chai latte, please. Unless of course we are talking
adult beverages, then I'm going with Matilda beer or any red wine.