Lucy Month Ten


I was having a really busy work day. Thankfully, Lucy was also having a really busy work day.  She was telling her dolls stories in her adorable raspy, baby voice. She spent some time chasing Gordon (in her walker) in hopes of hugging him. And a good chunk of her day was spent daydreaming out of the big windows. Oh, what I would give to have a glimpse into her sweet, little soul and hear wonders.

Lucy is only allowed to use the walker on the lower level of our home. It's much safer when you don't have to worry about her busting through the baby gate like the incredible hulk. Plus, my office is downstairs, and so is the TV for when she's ready for her daily dose of Bubble Guppies.

Well, on this particular day Lucy found an unpacked box of text books in my office. She was determined to pick one up. With her tiny little fingers, she pulled and pulled to try and free one from the cardboard box. While the mini hercules was honing her skills, I ran upstairs to get my phone. My mom was calling. I picked-up the call, and hurried back down the stairs, down the hallway, and turned the corner to my office.

And my heart dropped. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Before I could find my words, my mom starts freaking out, 'What's the matter?' What happened? Is the baby okay?"

Well, little missy pulled a fast and mysterious one on me. Not entirely sure how she managed to pull-off this feat, but she did. When I turned the corner, lucy was sitting on the floor with a text book. She somehow managed to climb OUT of the walker, WITHOUT making it fall over or falling over herself, AND into an upright sitting position on the floor NEXT to the box of books and with a book in her lap. I just kept thinking, 'I'm not mad, but how in the world did you do it?' Needless to say, it's never happened since, so I'll never really know her magical ways.

Some other happenings in Lucy's 10th month

  • Celebrated her first thanksgiving, when she took her first steps
  • She talks a lot, and even asks questions in her baby language
  • She has more teeth than I can count (8+ and she bites really hard when I try to venture to the back of her mouth)
  • She is always ripping her socks off!  Nine times out of ten when I go to get her after her nap, her socks are on the floor
  • She has really taken to her dolly and loves to snuggle her at night
  • She cruises around the furniture
  • She eats everything! Recently she refused the puree I made for her and insisted on eating what I was eating - Indian masala curry. She loved it and ate my entire helping.
  • She started saying "Hi"

Since her 10 month birthday was only a few days before Christmas we decided to make this shoot her Christmas photos.

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