Lucy Month Eight


Maybe it's because we've been together every day for a while now, but I haven't felt time has gone by fast until  this month.  Until now, time has gone by at a reasonable rate. When I'm with Lucy, I rarely look back and I rarely look forward. My biggest wish is to be with her in the present. To praise her latest accomplishments, and as her world expands to allude to her boundaries. Yet this month, things have changed. Perhaps it's because I've been a lot busier growing my business, or perhaps this this the baby stage where things go into over drive. Either way it was the first time I thought to myself, 'whoa, slowww down.'

Every time I think we've out-smarted Lucy, she 'one-ups' us. For example, a few weeks back she learned to stand up in her crib...

I was in my office working, when I heard Lucy on the monitor. I had just put her down for a nap, so I decided to let her 'cry it out' for the next 10 minutes to see if she would doze off again. After about five minutes her little whimper turned into a panicked cry - a scream for help. Now, we don't have a video monitor (invasion of privacy?) just a sound monitor, so hearing my babes sounds of serious distress made me bolt upstairs and into her room - where I find her standing. She was fine and safe, but I think she panicked because she stood up and didn't know how to get down. She grasped on to the side of the crib so tight her knuckles were white.  So I picked her up, hugged her, calmed her down and lay her back down in her crib.

And this time I got to witness the whole thing.

She rolls on to her hands and knees, crawls to the side of the crib, starts inching her hands up the bars while scooting her knees close to the side, reaches her tiny fingers up to the top of the crib, then with all of that small (but mighty) core strength pulls herself up to standing.  So there goes letting her cry it out.

That night we put her in her sleep sack, and AH HA! Lucy can't stand up while in the sleep sack... until the next day when she figures out how to stand up in her sleep sack. I'm so proud of her problem solving skills.

Some other notables from this month...

  • Lucy's top two teeth dropped down for a total of four teeth
  • We bought Lucy a walker and she loves it! Keeps her busy for a long time. She especially loves chasing Gordon, and the big work out ball
  • She's very talkative these days, adding new sounds constantly. Starting to sound like a little language
  • She knows how to stand on pretty  much anything
  • I celebrated my first birthday as a mommy
  • She clicks her tongue and whistles when she crawls
  • She waves her arm when greeting people, sometimes.
  • Lucy has begun doing some preliminary dance moves to music- the up and down bob.

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