Lucy Month Seven

nic108 Wham, her hand slams on the table. She looks at me - eyes wide, mouth open, and a little grunt squeaks out. Hit me again, I want more food.  She takes in her spoonful of the daily special. A little bit of the food finds it's way through her lips and on to her face. I squeegee it back on to the spoon, add a little more, and the whole thing starts over again.

I'm not sure if it's because we waited until six months to start feeding her solids or if she is developing a healthy relationship with food at a young age, but dang - this girl is a healthy eater. We started her on cereal, then vegetables, and most recently have introduced fruit. She's tried carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, kale, blueberries, bananas, apple sauce, and peaches. And every single time, she eats with great enthusiasm.

Des and I make Lucy's baby food at home. It's easy, I mean really easy, and incredibly cost effective. We've given her store bought baby food too, when we are in a pinch. But otherwise she's getting fresh, nutrient packed food everyday (which has forced me to reassess my snack choices throughout the day.)

Recently we joined some friends for a Friday night baby shower BBQ. Carly and Hus (I photographed their Chicago wedding) are about 8 months pregnant (I did her maternity photos too - still editing) with a little baby boy. Hus is originally from Chicago, so his parents hosted a rather large gathering a few weeks back. We were happy to see familiar faces from the wedding, and we picked-up conversations where they left off.

What really got us were all of the kids running around - that we weren't related to! Lucy glued her eyes to these kids. She didn't want to be in the sling, chatting amongst the adults. She wanted to be running around, bouncing off the walls, tumbling on the ground, making friends. So after she make it clear to me she wanted to be inside, we joined the kids and moms playing on the floor. First lucy sat in my lap, wailing her arms around, then sat on the floor kicking her feet as fast as she could, then on hands and knees. Now prior to this night, Lucy had no problem getting into crawling position and rocking back and forth. Lifting an arm, putting it down. Lifting a leg, putting it down.  This night was different - she was motivated.

And it clicked.

Baby girl started crawling. Like really crawling, not scooting or army crawling. She was up on all fours, coordinating hands and knees, working her core, and beaming with pride. Showing off to anyone one who was willing to watch. Des and I were proud too, our baby is crawling at six and a half months!

Then shortly after some one said, "How fun, now you have a mobile baby." A brief moment of panic surged through my body, then with a deep breath, it passed.

A few other notables from this month -

  • Lucy's hiccups have decreased substantially
  • She prefers to drink from a cup, not a sippy cup or a straw, straight from a cup
  • She does not like to be in a room alone for too long - which kinda throws a wrench in my morning routine
  • We've started some basic sign language with Lucy - more, eat, drink, sleep, mom, dad, please, thank you
  • I skipped over 9 month clothes and went straight to 12 month. They are kinda big on her, but nothing some sleeve/pant rolling can't fix
  • Lucy recognizes and smiles to familiar songs, I'm hoping preliminary dance moves are next.

Here are some photos from her seven month photo shoot. What I love most about her new crawling trick is that when she is tired she rests her head on her hands, takes a minute to re-coop, and then is off again.

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