Lucy Month Six

6monthThis month was a special one. It was a month of big milestones for both us and Lucy. After moving eight times in ten years, Des and I finally picked a place to sink our toes and grow some roots. We both agreed we are staying put for at least five years.  This was our first month on the path to making our house a home. There have been too many trips to Ikea, Home Depot, and Target - which is dangerously close to us.  Lucy sleeps through the seemingly endless drilling, pounding, and box breakdowns that accompany setting up a home.

This month we moved Lucy into her own room.  Not too long after that, she transitioned to her crib. Probably a little late on our part, but we decided not to set-up the crib in our city apartment. She took to her new crib well, really well. Maybe it's all the roaming space or being able to see through the bars. Either way, I can leave her in the crib for extended periods of time. More often than not Lucy wakes up from her naps and quietly plays until she's ready to get out. I hear her through the monitor experimenting with new sounds, some soft, some loud. When I peak through the door I watch her push her feet on the bars flipping, rolling, and turning until she tires her self out.

A few days before her six month birthday I found her in her crib rocking on her hands and knees. Baby girl is so ready to go. She wants to crawl. She wants to be mobile and discover more about the world around her. Those motor skills better to catch up with her ambition, and fast.

Other notable things from this month...

  • Lucy celebrated Des' birthday for the first time. They actually share half birthdays. There are photos of the celebration below.
  • Lucy tried solids for the first time and love it!
  • We survived our first move with a baby and a dog, also making Lucy a city kid living in the suburbs.
  • Lucy's first tooth came in just before the move and her second one shortly followed.
  • Now that we are living two stop signs away from my folks, Lucy has a crib set-up at their house too
  • She sat in a shopping cart and restaurant high chair sans car seat for the first time.
  • She finally has thick enough hair for me to put bows in!


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