Lucy Month Five

nic108-5month Lucy turned five months on July 21, just days before our big move to the suburbs.  Scrambling for ideas to document her fifth month in our lives, I played on the growing chaos of our apartment.  As you can see Lucy ended up in a  moving box, with all of her stuffed animals and a few blankets. And she worked the camera.

I remember thinking Lucy is a feisty five month old. Her personality shines bright with loads of smiles and playful conversations. She understands anticipation as well as cause and effect. "If mommy unbuckles my car seat that means I'm getting out, so I'll arch my back to help her pick me up."

The milestones are coming so fast these days (and I'm a little late on this post.) There is definitely a blurred line between what happened in her fifth month and what happened in her sixth month.  One thing I know for sure is that everyday I get to spend with my little Lucy is another day my heart swells with love and thanks. I'm grateful for a healthy baby, grateful for a happy baby, grateful for a beautiful baby, and grateful we are the ones chosen to raise this baby.

Here are some notable notes on Lucy's fifth month...

  • Lucy celebrated her first Independance Day
  • She learned to sit-up by herself
  • Lucy got really grabby. Gripping onto anything within arms length.
  • Lucy got her first tooth!
  • Baby girl is still nursing like a champ. Trying to get as close to six months as possible before introducing solids.
  • Des is pretty sure Lucy says 'Ma' , especially when she's hungry or tired or in distress. Sounds like Muaaa, Muuuum, Maaahhh, Mmmm. Either way she is definitely trying to communicate, and is certainly successful.
  • She has a very distinct body language when she's hungry. She throws both hands out in front of her, clasps one fist in the other palm, and pulls the joined hands to her face, over and over. We're sure she's mimicking pulling a bottle or breast to her face. It's freakin' adorable.

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