Punta Cana

PuntaCana_Nic108-0243 We took our first trip as a family to the Dominican Republic for a destination wedding. Not even four months old and little Lucy has a passport with a couple of stamps in it, baller. She is quite the traveler, and held it together even in the tough moments. We had a direct flight ORD ---> PUJ. Four hours, on a plane filled with friends and family headed to paradise, and she did what she does best in these situations - she slept. She slept hard. She slept through the yelling, and pilot's announcements. She slept through the take off and the pressure change. And even slept through all of the hand offs for potty breaks. I wanted to get her a treat or something for being so cooperative. The she woke up in time for the decent and fed 'til we landed.

The mini get-away was just what we needed since Lucy joined our family. We stayed in a swanky room, the pools had swim-up bars, and the beach was picturesque with white sand and clear water. Being that it was a family wedding, we were surrounded by babysitters and extra hands to help with Lucy. I don't think we would have enjoyed ourselves otherwise. Not that Lucy isn't cooperative most of the time, but it's nice having other people around who want to spend time with her.

I can't say for sure, but I think the fact that I nurse Lucy helped to keep her collected. She generally loves being outside and socializing with people, but the scene was far different from our Lakeview neighborhood. And the climate was humid, so humid, like you can eat the air humid. So even though we were starting to establish a schedule before the trip, we had more of a feed-on-demand couple of days. If Lucy wanted to nurse I nursed her. I let her find her comfort zone and relax... as needed.

I'd say it was the perfect age to travel with a little one. Old enough to fly, but not old enough to be crawling or walking. We didn't have to stay at the kids pool, or worry about lugging a toddler around on our shoulders. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of it, but Lucy hung out with me in her sling a for good chunk of the vacation, including an evening beach dance party!

The trip was a success. Lucy is my new hero, especially after we were diverted to St Louis on our way back for bad weather. Which kept us traveling for an extra seven hours - and the little peanut still held it together. So. Awesome.

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