Lucy Month Three

nic108 Here we are at month three. A little late, but here nonetheless. This wee one is taking up a good portion of my schedule these days. She's very interested in my day-to-day activities - cleaning, cooking, walking Gordon. She's very social, and especially likes being in crowds. She loves being outside, watching the leaves dance on their branches and the bunnies and squirrels dash across the sidewalk. Her new found love of nature and the outdoors couldn't have come a better time. We are at the tail end of spring, creeping in on summer, with plenty of sunshine and fresh air to soak up.

She has taken to communicating quite well. Sometimes she's soft-spoken, and shares her little secrets. Other times she's loud and silly, experimenting with new sounds. Most often she has her fingers in her mouth. All ten on a good day, and a few toes here and there.

Other things I've learned this month:

  • Lucy  l o v e s  to stand. If she's sitting she'll always use your hands to pull herself up
  • I'm a ninja breastfeeding champ - anytime, anywhere and you won't even know it
  • I'm giving in to Lucy sitting in front of a screen, but to be honest sometimes it's the only thing that will grab her attention and occupy her time
  • Lucy has more hair than I think she does. She was complimented twice yesterday.
  • I've never been more excited to move to the suburbs - laundry room, attached garage parking, home studio, and a huge yard? yes, please.

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