Lucy Two Months


The second month is so much different than the first month. And I'm sure the following months will be just as different as the second month. Lucy has really started to show her personality. Awake, and alert for a good portion of the day. Smiling. Cooing. All the beginnings of a little girl with a bright personality. I get a kick out of watching her scan the room until something catches her eye. It's almost as though you can see all of the little connectors in her brain shooting off with excitement. Then she flails her arms around kicks her legs signaling to me that she found something she likes. That thing is typically the ceiling fan, but sometimes its the window or the decor or her mommy or daddy. Precious little movements, huge developmental milestones.

Lucy let's me wedge her into the couch at least once a day. She's likes sitting up and looking around. I turn on the tunes while I work on the computer, and we take turns talking. The lighting was particularly awesome the day of this shoot. And Lucy decided to show off her many faces.

Things I learned this month...

  • Lucy likes to hold your finger. It helps to calm her down.
  • Lucy is definitely a comfort nurser. Even if she's full, she likes to latch and stay there until she's drifted off to her dream world.
  • I've mastered the art of laying on my side and feeding Lucy at night. Then we snuggle in bed until her morning feeding.
  • She really likes when you talk to her and tell her stories.
  • gDiapers are pretty sweet, but only when you use them at home.
  • Lucy loves her Sakura Bloom sling, and so does Des. She almost instantly passes out every time she goes in it.
  • It's really good to meet-up with other new moms. All of the moms from the Bradley Method birth class Des and I took got together today.
  • No more raw onions and raw garlic until Lucy is done nursing.

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