First Easter


This has been a week of many firsts for Lucy. First Easter, first social smile, first walk outside with Gordon, first trip to the grocery store. I love knowing I can take Lucy outside of the house without her world falling apart. It's quite the opposite actually. She loves going on little adventures. When we took her to Trader Joe's she of course fell asleep in the car, but rather than lugging the car seat into the grocery store I put her in my Sakura Bloom sling. Damn, that sling works wonders! At first she was awake and observing all delicious treats. Then just like that, she was out cold. Totally comfortable, relaxed, and sleeping. Even just today I called upon the powers of the mighty sling. She was having a fit about something, so I put her in the sling and bam - out. I don't think she was in there for even 20 seconds before she was zonked.

These are some Easter photos. Lucy is passed out and we can't stop kissing her in her adorable little outfit. Oh, and Gordon photo bombed us a couple of times.

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