Typographic Graduation Invitation

nic108 - ThanksAMillion Back in September, my man Des earned a Masters of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies (not sure if that's all supposed to be in caps, but it looks good to me!) He worked his butt off for the last two and a half years earning this degree. The first year was nose-to-the-grindstone studying. From what I understand about the PA curriculum, it's a great percentage of what med school teaches, but crunched into a much shorter timeline. I'm talking weekly exams, papers, practice examinations - it was intense. If there is anything I can say about Des, it's that he handled it like a champ. The way he digests and retains information is mind boggling. So even though the first year was intense, he made it through no problem and was even nominated class VP. The second plus year was much more manageable. It was a series of clinical rotations in various medical specialties (ie internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, women's health, emergency medicine, etc.) One thing to mention about the PA profession is that it is one of the fastest growing professions in our country. I think I read it's no. 2 behind a computer science related profession. So, being the catch that he is, Des had job offers long before graduation and even had signed on with a practice right before graduation. He's pretty awesome like that. The thing that we didn't see coming was Des being presented with the Dean's Achievement Award at his graduation. They only gave out one, and they gave it to my boo. I was (and still am) one proud wife.

All of Des' academic achievements of course warranted a celebration. So with help from my family, I threw Des a nice big graduation party. Complete with tons of sweet and savory treats, drinks, and of course our large, incredibly supportive family. It was a great time.

nic108 - ThanksAMillion

nic108 - ThanksAMillion


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