A Winter Baby Shower + A Surprise Gender Reveal

Mason Jars

At the beginning of December my mom and sister threw Des and I a baby shower at our family's restaurant. It was amazing. Complete with all (well most) of the women that really care about our growing little family. Being Italian, to me there is nothing better than getting people together for a grand meal, chatting, laughing, and lots of hugs & kisses. I always feel a little awkward in the spotlight (I was a behind-the-scenes kind of thespian) but it was a day for the babe, who just happens to be in my belly, so all was good.

Baby Games

Baby Games

Above are the handmade baby shower games and handmade placecards.

Flowers and Seating

Here are some more detail shots. I was really set on having long tables for guests to sit as versus round tables. We were a little squished, but all the better for feeling the love. And my favorite party detail was the ombre flowers in spray-painted mason jars (thanks pinterest!) I love, love, love ombre.



We also had quite a spread on the dessert table. You could tell people were eyeing it from the moment they walked in, and pretty much everything found a person to go home with. I didn't know this until recently, but extravagant dessert tables are apparently an Italian thing. Of course they are, right?

Best Cookies Ever

What you are looking at here are the worlds greatest chocolate chip cookies. They are my mom's recipe, but that's not what makes them so great. They simply are the BEST. People pay her to make them. Neighbors stalk the house when they are in production. The Queen even called in an order, nah that one is a lie. But let's just say I was asked several times by different people if the famous cookies would make an appearance. Oh and the best part? The recipe is not written down anywhere! Every batch is made from memory with lots of love.

Favor Box

Nic and Des

Gathering friends & family and opening presents for our little one was so fun, and something we were looking forward to for a while. But what the guests didn't know was that Des and I had a little surprise for everyone. Back at 20 weeks pregnant we had the chance to find out what gender the baby is. Being the type A that Desmond is, he really wanted to know. Me on the other hand had no interest in knowing, mostly in fear of getting all pink or all blue baby supplies. Maybe it's the designer in me, but there are so many other colors out there and I love most of them (brown and beige stand down.)

Why oh why are babies only relegated to two color options?

So the agreement was we find out the gender but keep it our little secret until the shower... 10 weeks later. Good lord, that was a daunting task. It's really hard to repeatedly lie to your loved ones faces. "So, you're not going to find out right?" "No, we're going to let it be a surprise"


This is how it went down...

We were playing the "Daddy knows best game" . It was a series of 5 questions Desmond answered about me and the pregnancy. I would read the questions aloud, we'd have the crowd call out their guesses, then Des would give his answer. The final question was "What is mommy looking forward to the most?" After the crowd called out their answers, Des answered with, "Holding our baby girl."

And the room exploded.

Shrieks and cheers of 80 women filled the room. It was such an amazing feeling. I loved being able to bring that much happiness to people in one felt swoop. The energy and excitement that fused the air was far more than we had expected, and solidified our decision to find out the gender. I cried, the baby kicked, and Des and I exchanged the cheesiest smiles with each other.

It was a great shower.